As much as I love snow…

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fishing on sandy beaches while the home state gets burried is not bad.  We have been enjoying bright sunny days and temps in the 70s and 80s.  The students got to do some fishing as well as a mantee tour. … Continue reading

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As promised…

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round 1 of pictures!

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Greetings from sunny Florida!

My apologies to anyone who has been looking for regular updates.  I was waiting until we had some good photos to add, but have been unable to get the camera away from the students.  I will try my best to get it for tomorrow.

The first group has safely arrived in Florida and set out yesterday for the outer islands in the Gulf of Mexico.  The students are all in good spirits and have spent their time fishing and exploring the islands they have been camping on.

The second group is due to arrive tomorrow and will set off on their island adventure on Thursday.

Again I will do my best to have pictures up tomorrow!


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Boat Repair

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Our canoes took a little abuse over the summer, and before we head out to Florida they need a little work.  Some TLC and they will serve us well in the Everglades!

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Planning has begun!

The first steps to our trip to The Everglades has been completed!  It looks like we will be taking down three groups of students each staying down for a week.  It should be an exciting month!

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Fall Trip

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On 10/22/12 through 10/26/12 Pete, Karen and Angie took a group of 7 students went to the Delaware water Gap in Pennsylvania for a whole week. When we were down their we kayak and canoed 20 miles down the Delaware River. one Day we … Continue reading

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I have been way behind in updating this. We had an amazing summer playing in tide pools, dissecting sharks, and visiting local museums. The summer science capstone trip was a few days on Hermit Island in Maine. And to cap the adventure summer we headed to the Kennebec River in Maine for three trips down the white water! Soon I will add some pictures, but it involves a lot of sorting.

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Trail work and play

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After hurricane Irene last fall our local trail system was close to erased.  Most of it was under flood waters and the drift wood and silt deposits made trails hard to ride and almost impossible to find.  During the past … Continue reading

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Isolation in February

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over the last 3 days we went hiking. we climbed isolation in snow. our shelter that we slept in had a hole in the roof and one morning we woke up with snow on some tents. on the top of … Continue reading

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First Day on Ice

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We were able to get out on ice today.  It was a little soft and wet because of warm weather and rain, but it was a good to be out.  The students did well climbing on a few different routes.

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