Greetings from sunny Florida!

My apologies to anyone who has been looking for regular updates.  I was waiting until we had some good photos to add, but have been unable to get the camera away from the students.  I will try my best to get it for tomorrow.

The first group has safely arrived in Florida and set out yesterday for the outer islands in the Gulf of Mexico.  The students are all in good spirits and have spent their time fishing and exploring the islands they have been camping on.

The second group is due to arrive tomorrow and will set off on their island adventure on Thursday.

Again I will do my best to have pictures up tomorrow!


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2 Responses to Greetings from sunny Florida!

  1. charlie D says:

    Thanks pete for updating us i would like to help you with the blog when you guys get back from Florida. sam S saids hi and i hope everything is going well. Jim from Math class also saids Hi and to stop swimming at twilight. Pete I hope none of you guys gotten biiten by any aligators. Pete I hope everyone is being well behaved and i’ve been sick since you guys left for Florida.

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