Everglades pictures

So after sorting through the hundreds of pictures that we have, I selected a group that shows a little bit of everything.  If anyone is looking for specific pictures, I have them and they are available in ILL and at the MPA science center.  It was a great trip and we are already planning the next big adventure!

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2 Responses to Everglades pictures

  1. Jennifer (James Piper's mom) says:

    I would love copies of the pictures that James is in as well as some of the great pictures of the scenery! Would it be OK if James brought in a USB key to get copies of the pictures? Please let me know the best way. Thank you so much! He had such an awesome experience and I’d love for him to have the pictures to look back on.

    • Pete says:

      James was a great student to have along on the trip, and I am glad to hear he enjoyed it. He has access to the posted pictures as well as the ones that did not make it to the blog. If he talks with the ILL teacher, he should be able to get the pictures either on a USB drive or burned to a CD.

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