First steps to Florida…

…were taken in snowshoes!  Prep work for an Everglades trip involves dragging out the snow covered canoes!

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6 Responses to First steps to Florida…

  1. Crissy Wood (Alex's Mom) says:

    Hope you have had a safe trip. Enjoy the nice sunshine in Florida! Miss you Alex and look forward to hearing about all the cool things you get to see!

  2. Darcy Wilson-PC says:

    Roadtrip!!! Florida here ya come-
    Please let us know how the sunshine feels….we are fffffffrooooozzzzen!

  3. Jennifer (James Piper's mom) says:

    I hope you guys have a great time and didn’t get stuck in the snow on the way down.

  4. Melissa Emerson, PC says:

    Have a great time!! Please bring some sun and warmth back!

  5. alex says:

    where did you keep the canoes? sounds like you had to trek out to get them.

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